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Shell Omala S2 GX leading industrial gear oil

Shell Omala S2 GX oil (Previous Omala S2 G) is formulated to provide extra protection and performance for industrial gears. Under extreme pressure conditions, it is an oil that you can rely on to provide long life and to keep your gears working efficiently by offering good corrosion protection and water separation. It is widely recognised and approved by leading equipment manufacturers.

Industrial Gearbox Oils Iso VG 320

Main uses of Shell Omala S2 GX 320 are:

  • + Industrial gear transmissions with closed sump
  • + Heavily loaded systems with oil lubrication and circulation systems
  • + Non-gear related applications (roller bearings and other (steel on steel) parts with splash or forced circulation systems).

Shell Omala S2 GX 320 is a thick, high-quality extreme-pressure EP gear oil designed primarily for heavily loaded industrial transmissions. Think of Gearboxes, Reductors and Worm wheels that are not suitable for PAGs.

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