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Oli Shell Argina S 30
Oli Shell Argina S 30
Oli Shell Argina S 30
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18 Jun 2020
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Oil and Lubricant Shell Argina S 30

Shell Argina S Oils are combined cylinder and crankcase lubricants for highly-rated, medium-speed diesel engines operating on residual fuel in industrial and marine applications. The oils consist of premium quality, highly refined mineral base oils into which is incorporated advanced additive technology developed by Shell to meet the ever increasing demands of modern medium-speed diesel engines.

  •  Medium-speed industrial or marine propulsion and auxiliary engines burning residual fuel oils with sulphur contents of up to 2.5% weight.
  •  Marine engine reduction gears and for certain other ship-board applications


Excellent heavy fuel detergency
Gives unequalled protection against deposition of soot and heavy fuel contaminants in critical parts of the engine
Superior thermal stability and resistance to oxidation
Provides excellent high temperature deposit control and contributes to long oil life
Rapid neutralisation of acidic combustion products
Gives long-term protection against corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Excellent retention of Total Base Number (TBN)
Affords protection throughout long oil drain intervals

Performance Specifications
Shell Argina S Oils enjoy a comprehensive range of Original Equipment Manufacturers’ approvals through field experience over many years and have an excellent reputation with engine builders and operators.

Meet the requirements of API Service Classification CD and Caterpillar Series 3
Luboil Separators
Shell Argina S Oils are specially formulated for use with luboil separators
Detergency and Basicity
Shell Argina S Oils contain an advanced technology additive system incorporating a most effective detergent which performs a multifunctional role in the lubricant. Firstly, the detergent effectively controls the formation of deposits in the hotter parts of the engine, for example in the ring belt zone where fouling of the piston lands and ring grooves by carbonaceous deposits can lead to premature ring and liner wear, increased blowby and loss of oil consumption control. The detergent also helps prevent the accumulation of lacquer and varnish deposits on piston skirt and undercrown areas.

The supply and retention of basicity in Shell Argina S Oils is another prime function of the detergent system. The large excess of basicity provides the means to neutralise acids formed during the combustion process, thus inhibiting engine corrosion and deposit formation. Retention of this basicity in the oil, even under severe oxidative and corrosive conditions which exist in modern engines, is particularly effective and contributes towards reliability and extending engine life.

The anti-oxidant action of the detergent system is excellent and when combined with the highly oxidation resistant base oils and other inhibitors in Shell Argina S Oils provides superior control of oil thickening at high temperatures.
The detergent is active as an anti-corrosion agent also, either by strong acid adsorption on metal surfaces, thus preventing corrosive attack, or by rapid neutralisation of corrosive acids. A high degree of protection is afforded to both ferrous and non-ferrous construction materials.

During the engine operating cycle, a wide variety of contaminants enter the crankcase which include water, solid combustion products and residues from oxidative and thermal degradation of both the fuel and, to a lesser extent, the lubricating oil. The detergent system possesses dispersancy characteristics which reduces the risk of these contaminants forming cold and hot sludges in the crankcase and under valve covers.

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